V GUARD™ 600APS Gross Pollutant Arrestor Pits

Everhard’s V GUARD™ 600APS Gross Pollutant Arrestor Pits help to improve and protect waterways and provide a sustainable environment by reducing the amount of urban gross pollutants from stormwater runoff, making it an ideal choice as a gross pollutant trap and hydrocarbon capturing system.


The V GUARD™ 600APS is fitted with a specially modified SQID® device which provides a maximum flow rate of 50L / sec. It also allows for a 200mm cover at the outlet pipe when using 225 or 300mm pipe.

Moulded from a selected grade of polyethylene, V GUARD™ 600AP and V GUARD™ 600APS Gross Pollutant Arrestor Pits are light and easy to install. The external ribbed design provides support and strength to resist external forces from backfilling while reducing the risk of flotation.

The Outlet Pipe blister is 400mm wide with a multi-size boss and socket arrangement permitting pipes of varying sizes to be connected using rubber sleeves and stainless steel worm drive clips. This allows pipe cover of 300mm for 300NB and 225NB pipes and 330mm cover to the 150NB connection.

Standard Everhard Series 600 Risers can be used if the depth to the pipe needs to be greater. This simply drops into the rim of the V-GUARD™600 Pit and locks over the lip.

V GUARD™ Gross Pollutant Traps  are designed for a range of applications including:
– Shopping centre carparks
– Industrial sites
– Factories
– Warehouses
– Townhouse and unit complex carparks

Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
82290 V GUARD™ 600AP Gross Pollutant Arrestor Pits
82260 Nipper Gross Pollutant Trap
82280 V-GUARD™ 600GP Gross Pollutant Guard Pits

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