The Trash Screen filters stormwater entering the Pit through the Grate, retaining the collected trash while allowing unrestricted passage of water travelling through pipes connected into the Pit. 

The EVERHARD Trash Screen for Polymer Stormwater Pits is a rigid “Vee” which fits closely into the throat of the Pit below the Grate. Requiring no modification to existing Pits, and needing no extra work in new installations, these are designed to be simply placed into position under the standard Steel Grate to provide an efficient and cost-effective guard against trash entering the stormwater drains.

The unit may be easily and quickly lifted out and the accumulated material emptied into an appropriate receptacle for disposal at an approved site.

EVERHARD Trash Screen for Polymer Stormwater Pits come in various sizes, suitable for series 300, 450 & 600 Polymer stormwater pits.

Product Code Description Mass (kg)
13500 Trash Screen V Basket suit 300 Pit 13.00
13501 Trash Screen V Basket suit 450 Pit 13.00
13502 Trash Screen V Basket suit 600 Pit 13.00


Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
- Trash Mesh For Polymer Stormwater Pits

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