Our Trash Mesh products provide a barrier against rubbish and other material which pollutes rivers and beaches from rainwater collection areas and drainage inlets in urban residential and commercial districts.

Available in NSW only, Everhard Trash Mesh for Polymer Pits are made from Australian made “Expamet” 12-12 expanded and perforated steel sheet. This forms a rigid 1.2mm thick panel, with diamond shaped apertures of 23 x 9mm, offering between 65 and 78% open area, which is generally adequate to retain material as small as cigarette butts. The assembly is hot-dip galvanised to prevent corrosion and ensure an extended working life.

The EVERHARD Trash Mesh for Polymer Pits are fitted with grab handles allowing the unit to be removed from the Pit for cleaning. No specialist tools or training are required. It is only necessary to occasionally monitor the collection area. When slower than normal draining has been observed, the Grate may be removed from the Pit.

Everhard Trash Mesh is suitable for Series 300, 450 & 600 Polymer Stormwater Pits

Product Code Description Mass (kg)
99824 Maximesh for 300 Pit 300 – 300 Deep 2.00
99815 Maximesh for 300 Pit 300 – 450 Deep 2.00
99825 Maximesh for 450 Pit – 325 Deep 3.00
99811 Maximesh for 450 Pit – 450 Deep 4.00
99812 Maximesh To Suit Plastic 600 Series Pit 6.00


Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
- Trash Screen for Polymer Stormwater Pits

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