Everhard's Polymer Distribution Boxes are made from injection moulded Polypropylene which is durable and tough, with additives for resistance to UV degradation.


565 H x 565 W x 390 D

When selecting a septic waste water system for your home, distributing the effluent from the septic tank to an absorption area such as evaporation or absorption trenches is required. The use of the Everhard Polymer Septic Distribution boxes provides the solution to distribute the effluent from your septic tank to these trenches evenly, therefore is an important component of the overall septic system. 

Everhard’s Polymer Septic Distribution Boxes are made from UV resistant polypropylene, making them tough, durable, lightweight and easy to install. The polymer distribution boxes come with pre-cut holes (3) for DN100 uPVC pipes, (1)Inlet and (2) Outlet holes. An extra hole to accommodate three outlets can be cut by the use of a hole saw. The Everhard Polymer Septic Distribution box comes with a built in weir to prevent surges from the septic tank to reduce one outlet taking most of the flow, therefore helping the flow being evenly distributed over the outlet pipes. 

Everhard’s Septic Distribution Boxes are available in two sizes

  • Series 300 Septic Distribution Box (357mm x 357mm x 326mm)
  • Series 450 Septic Distribution Box (565mm x 565mm x 390mm)

Everhard recommends 3000L or smaller septic tanks to use the Series 300 Septic Distribution boxes, while 4000L or larger septic tanks to use the Series 450 Septic Distribution box due to larger surge volumes. Check with the local authority on the use of Everhard Polymer Septic Distribution boxes and the required size.

Optional Concrete and checker plate covers are also available for areas where regular pedestrian traffic is probable or where activities such as mowing may damage standard polymer septic distribution box covers.


Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
84919 Series 300 Polymer Distribution Box 357 H x 357 W x 326 D

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