Everhard's Polymer Distribution Boxes are made from injection moulded Polypropylene which is durable and tough, with additives for resistance to UV degradation.


Everhard’s Polymer Distribution Boxes are made from UV resistent polyproplene, making them tough, durable, light-weight and easy to install. They come with pre-cut holes for DN100 uPVC pipes (inlet and two side outlets) and extra holes are readily cut with a normal jig-saw or hole-saw.

Distribution Boxes are available with weir baffles to divide flow evenly. Weir retaining clips are also available to be fitted so that surges of incoming fluid do not dislodge the weir. Standard moulded Polymer Covers are suitable for non-traffic areas such as gardens.

Optional concrete covers and checker plate covers are also available for areas where regular pedestrian traffic is probable, or where activities such as mowing may damage standard covers.

Distribution Boxes must be installed on a compacted bed of seating material in a hole with inlet and outlet pipes at the correct depth to allow free drainage. Fluid in Distribution Boxes from waste-water treatment systems is contaminated and may be harmful. Access to the Distribution Box for cleaning purposes etc must be restricted to authorised personnel.

Everhard recommends the use of the Pit Boss (80080) to connect PVC pipe to the Series 450 Distribution Box. This provides a air tight, secure connection to the Series 450 Distribution Box

NOTE – Some authorities may not permit the use of Distribution Boxes. This is usually where pumped and valve controlled flow to on-site land application systems are installed or required.  Check with the local authority before selecting and ordering equipment for any on-site waste-water treatment or disposal system.

Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
84919 Series 300 Polymer Distribution Box

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