Everhard Series 300 Shallow Stormwater Pit complete with a Class A EURODESIGN 316 Stainless Steel grate for use in domestic or non trafficable applications.


357 W x 357 L x 300mm H

Our Stormwater Pit with EuroDesign Grate is made in Australia, from 100% recycled polymer, Everhard Stormwater Pits can be used for residential and commercial uses. Designed to be the collection point for an economical and efficient surface water drainage solution.

With the ability to be easily connected to stormwater pipes, we suggest using the Pit Boss (80080) to ensure watertight and secure connections.



  • 357 L x 357 W x 300mm H
  • 25.5L capacity
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled polymer
  • Polymer is suitable for salt and chemical affected areas (pools, coastal areas)
  • Suitable for: any area where surface water collects and is not exposed to vehicular traffic
  • Class A EuroDesign Stainless Steel Grate


Installation Information:

  • Variety of grates available depending on the application
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Complies with AS/NZS 35000-2003


Sustainability features:

  • Comes with minimal packaging
  •  Manufactured from 100% recycled polymer
  • Made in Australia


If you are looking for Stormwater Pit with Eurodesign Grate Revit files – contact us at [email protected]



See below table for Class Loadings. Please note:  we only supply Class A Grates for 300 Series Pits

AS 3996-2006 Class Loadings
Class A Suitable for areas exposed only to pedestrian traffic – not including livestock.
Class B Suitable for pedestrian areas open to traffic from service vehicles. Class B is often selected for applications such as car-parks where commercial and heavy goods vehicles are not permitted.
Class D  Suitable for normal roadway traffic areas exposed to commercial and heavy goods vehicles.


Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
84811 Series 300S Stormwater Pit Case 357 W x 357 L x 300mm H
84938 Series 300S Stormwater Pit with Aluminium Grate 357mm W x 357mm L x 326mm D
80071 Series 300S Stormwater Pit with Galvanised Grate 357mm W x 357mm L x 326mm D

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