The Nipper is designed to provide cost-effective and efficient removal of gross pollutant matter from stormwater flow, and may be used for similar functions in trade-waste and other waste-water applications.


The Nipper is ideally suited for installation at the collection source in small catchment areas and is designed to remove gross pollutants, organic waste, silt, sediment and oils. The polymer construction makes it light and easy to use.

  • The incoming water is directed into and around a circular weir in the upper module, and is then directed down inside the Vortex Chamber.
  • The Vortex Chamber has a perforated Stainless Steel Screen which allows water to pass through into an outer chamber, while retaining waste matter.
  • The “clear” water is directed up through an opening into the upper module where it passes through the Outlet and continues downstream.
  • Trapped wastes collect in the hemispherical bottom chamber.
  • Opening the top cover allows direct access down into the bottom chamber so that the standard suction leg of a maintenance/pump-out cleaning vehicle can be lowered into the unit and collected waste simply and easily removed. As the flow of the incoming water is directed around and across the inner face of the Stainless Steel Screen, the screen apertures are kept open by the force of the water stream, and will not block with strained matter. There is therefore very little need for the tedious extra work involved in cleaning screens and filters with pressure water equipment so often found in alternative systems.

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