Everhard offers a range of meter boxes, designed specifically for underground housing of water meters, gas or water control valves, irrigation services and controls, stop cocks or any other service requiring underground connection and protection.


The meter box comes in small, large shallow and large standard. They are lightweight, easy to install and manufactured from quality recycled, high density, UV stabilised polyethylene polymer. The meter boxes are strong, durable and have been designed to withstand light vehicular traffic over top. Each meter box and lid is joined by a connector cable.

Lids are tested to AS/NZS 3661.1993 “Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surfaces”. There are a number of meter box lid identification options available with special logos and/or identification available for quantity orders. Lockable meter boxes are also available. The “Recycled Water” lilac coloured lid complies with the Australian Standard for Colour Coding (AS 1345:1995).

Lids, cases and cables are available separately on request. See table below for all available lids.

Product Code Description Weight (kg)
84700 Large Standard Meter Box c/w Black Lid “Meter” 4.0
84702 Large Standard Meter Box c/w Black Lid “Water Meter” 4.0
84703 Large Standard Lockable Water Meter Box c/w Black Polymer Lid 4.0
84737 Large Standard Meter Box c/w Green Lid “Water Meter” 4.0
84714 Large Standard Meter Box c/w Black Lid “Control Valve”  4.0
84742 Large Standard Meter Box c/w GMS Checker Plate Lid 10.3
84734 Large Standard Meter Box c/w Black Lid “QUU Water Meter” 4.0


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