Evertrench allows for a totally efficient, free-flowing wastewater disposal


350 x 1200mm

Evertrench is a durable self-supporting arched liner, complying with Australian standards, designed to allow fluid from the tank to disperse along the entire raked, level floor of the trench, soaking into the soil more evenly than from slotted pipe that is sometimes used.

The Evertrench 1.2 metre lengths are easily installed by one person and the corrugated design means sections can be easily interlocked using no extra parts or tools.

Evertrench allows for totally efficient, free-flowing wastewater disposal, with a great transfer area than required by the Australian Standard.

Unlike traditional trenches, which are filled with rubble or crushed rock, Evertrench provides 100% uncluttered wastewater dispersal.

The entire arched interior space of Evertrench is available to hold fluid and then dispose of it through the trench floor area and through the punched holes in the side walls.

Evertrench also out-performs slotted pipe by allowing quicker dispersion of fluid to surrounding aggregate and soil for transpiration or evaporation, with less risk of blockage.
For totally efficient, free-flowing waste-water disposal, it’s hard to go past Evertrench.


Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
82034 Evertrench Jumbo 410 x 1200mm
82014 Evertrench Small 230 x 1200mm

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