Our Everslab Polymer Hot Water Slab has a rippled design that allows free air circulation, reducing the likelihood of condensation and pooling, preventing corrosion on the base of the hot water system.


700 W x 700 H x 50mm D

The Everhard Everslab provides rock solid strength without the weight to match and provides support for your hot water system in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500.

The Everslab’s rippled design allows free air circulation between the bottom of the hot water system and the top of the slab. This reduces the likelihood of condensation and the possible pooling of water, preventing corrosion on the base of the hot water system.  Although designed with weight considerations in mind, the Everslab provides the same level of robustness as that of heavier alternatives.

Once installed in accordance with Everhard Industries’ installation instructions, the Everslab will not sink or become unstable. With UV resistance and structural integrity, Everslab is backed by a 10 year guarantee against manufacturers defects.

  • Capable of withstanding loads of up to 520 kilograms
  • Rigidly designed to handle harsh outdoor Australian conditions
  • UV resistance and structural integrity

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