The EasyDRAIN™ COMPACT Slim Pit allows seamless connection to the stormwater system with moulded outlets for joining to 75mm, 90mm and 100mm PVC pipe.



The Everhard EasyDRAIN™ systems are fully integrated surface water drainage systems using easy click together interlocking technology.

EasyDRAIN™ COMPACT has a shallow 80mm profile, making it ideal for low rainfall and low water flow areas.

The EasyDRAIN™ COMPACT Slim Pit with Pressed Galvanised Grate will soon be added to the range, with the following features:

  • allows  seamless connection to the stormwater system
  • moulded outlets for joining to 75mm, 90mm and 100mm PVC pipe
  • simple click together joining mechanism with the EasyDRAIN™ Compact Channel and Grate
  • Ideal for small outdoor areas
  • An easy to install, DIY product
  • 100% Australian Made from tough UV stabilised polymer material

Note: Pressed Galvanised Steel Grate is not suitable for driveways, around swimming pools or areas subject to salt water environments such as coastal areas.

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