The concrete Step Treads are available in widths to suit most normal single domestic residence situations.

51600, 51640, 51645

The Everhard Industries standard range of reinforced concrete Step Treads are only intended for use in domestic single residence housing applications. Why these products may be selected by customers for other applications, and may prove to adequately fulfill performance requirements for a number of alternative situations, they cannot be described by this company as adequate or suitable for any staircase application other than for single residences unless adequately supported by mountain systems designed for the purpose by an appropriately qualified person. This restriction includes use in installations serving hostels, hotels, apartments, offices, warehouses, factories, etc.

Australian Standard AS1170.1-1989 requires domestic situation step treads to be able to support 1.85kN (180kg), while treads in other situations, including apartments, office blocks, etc, are required to be capable of holding 4.5kN (450kg). The weight of individuals using the staircase may not be assumed to be a factor in determining the performance requirements of such installations.

The slip resistance rating for the Everhard Industries concrete step treads is: Wet Pendulum Class P5 (AS 4586). This is the highest rating available.

The standard range of concrete Step Treads can only be guaranteed to withstand loading of 180kg when installed with the normal four bolt, two location mounting system. Deliberate selection of standard reinforced concrete Step Treads, for applications where regulatory specifications require that they may be subjected to greater loads than 180kg, must be accepted to be the responsibility of the party making the selection. It may be noted, however, that performance of any Step Tread may be greatly enhanced by providing extra effective support below the tread such as additional cross support members between the standard stringer/ step mounting brackets.

The concrete Step Treads are available in widths to suit most normal single domestic residence situations. Fixing to standard steel stringers is by four 3/8th BSW set screws set in pairs at each end. These should be fitted upwards through holes in the stringers into polymer ferrule inserts cast into the underside of the Step Tread. The set screws should ONLY be finger-tightened to prevent damage to insert.

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