The Aqua Advanced Wastewater & Irrigation System is designed to treat all of the wastewater so that it can be safely reused on your lawn and garden


2671mm H x 1620mm diameter

The Aqua Advanced Polymer Wastewater & Irrigation System is designed to treat all of the wastewater from your laundry, kitchen, and bathroom so that it can be safely reused on your lawn and garden.

Required for properties that do not have access to main sewer lines, Aqua Advanced uses similar processes and technologies to that of the sewage treatment plants used in large townships and cities.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Aqua advanced is available in both polymer and concrete. The system is a one-tank, compact design with a small footprint, discreet lid, and control box, complete with an alert system. Built with the above or below ground irrigation capabilities, making our system the complete solution to recycling household wastewater.

Please note pumps are sold separately.

96724 High head pump
96723 Low head pump

Why choose Aqua Advanced?

Safe and Reliable 

⁄    Aqua Advanced comes with a 20-year tank warranty
⁄    Manufactured by Everhard Industries – The trusted brand in environmental and wastewater solutions
⁄    All household water can be connected with the appropriate working capacity system.
⁄    Unontrusive odor free, environmentally friendly, and safe

Tested to Industry Standards

⁄    Aqua Advanced has tested to the requirements of the AS/NZ1546.3 standard and has tested to the advanced secondary standard.
⁄    Aqua Advanced has passed a stringent testing program which was undertaken over a period of 34 weeks. Australia has one of the most demanding testing programs worldwide which ensures the standard of effluent discharged to the environment is world-leading.

Sustainable & Environmental

⁄    Designed and manufactured by Everhard Industries, Aqua Advanced is 100% Australian-made and owned.
⁄    Treating and recycling wastewater minimizes the amount of pollution entering waterways, keeping the environment safe.
⁄    Using the water on your garden and lawn reduces your water bill and is also advantageous during drought or through periods of water restrictions.

Service & Maintenance

⁄    Service & maintenance is carried out every 3 months by a licensed service provider.
⁄    Light routine maintenance is performed by the homeowner ensuring you get the most out of the system and understand its functions and limitations of the system. All details are provided in the Homeowners manual that is supplied with the purchase of the system.

Where can I buy?

Everhard Industries has a large network of distributors Australia-wide. Our distributors are wastewater experts who can supply, install, and service Aqua Advanced for you.

To find a distributor check out our Where To Buy Page

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