Everhard’s 45 Litre Grease Trap is designed to trap grease and food matter before it enters our fragile water systems


When wastewater systems are designed for residential applications such as septic systems, sometimes the effect of the typical grease and fats that are produced from the domestic kitchen is forgotten about or not clearly understanding the implications these elements have on the typical wastewater septic systems. FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) is produced from preparing foods within the kitchen. After food is prepared and consumed, domestic dishwashers are used to clean plates, cutlery and cooking utensils which sends FOG down the sewer towards the septic tank.

If FOG enters the septic tank, they cannot be broken down, therefore, fats, oils and grease will accumulate in your septic tank overtime and cause performance problems. Therefore, it is recommended that a domestic grease trap is installed downstream of the kitchen sink to capture FOG and reduce the quantity of reaching the septic tank. A regular maintenance regime is required to ensure the performance of the grease trap is working properly and efficiently. 

Everhard Domestic 45L Grease Trap is designed for connection to standard 100mm uPVC drains and is equipped with a polymer basket for easy removal of the trapped FOG. Accumulated scum and sludge waste matter can then be removed by authorised contractors to approved disposal facilities. 

The 45L Domestic Grease Trap also have a 45L Grease Trap Riser (84625, 84626) available – riser installation instructions have been provided to assist with installing this product if needed.

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