3000L Pre-cast Concrete Septic Tank with Baffle

Our Pre-cast Concrete Septic Tanks are steel reinforced in rigid moulds, offering consistent quality and dimensional stability.



  • Steel reinforced Pre-cast Concrete Septic Tanks
  • Tanks are produced in rigid moulds, offering consistent quality and dimensional stability.
  • Variety of combinations in tank diameter and height to suit most site conditions.
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 1546.1:2008 approved

Everhard Concrete Septic Tanks are produced in strict accordance with the current Australian Standard and rigorous tests are conducted to ensure compliance with requirements from Standards Mark Licensing.

All tanks are supplied with injection moulded polymer internal inlet and outlet baffles already fitted. Approved injection moulded polymer Access and Inspection Covers in sealed collars are now available as standard features.

Many tanks are available with internal partition dividing the tank into 2:1 ratio chambers. which is required by many local and state authorities.

Specifically designed for treatment of domestic wastewater. Suitable for use with Collection Wells or with other Everhard products for on-site disposal by such methods as evapotranspiration beds and trenches.

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