Everhard’s 1000L Polymer Pump Well provides a practical solution for the temporary retention of wastewater in a range of domestic and industrial applications.


Our 1000L Polymer Pump Well is the ideal vessel for a range of domestic and industrial wastewater applications. The single piece, rotomoulded construction from virgin polymer results in a durable product, designed to last.

Features include:

  • 100% Australian Made
  • Single piece, rotomoulded body
  • Corrugated sides for added strength
  • Premoulded inlets and outlets for 600L, 800L and 1000L capacities
  • Provides reserve capacity where 1000L pump wells are specified
  • Flat side panels suitable for inlets from various water sources and input heights
  • Rubber ring inlet seal fitting provided
  • Small footprint for economical transportation
  • Designed to resist uplift
  • Wide base provides ample room for multiple pumps – ideal for where standby is required
  • Approved to ASNZS1546.1

Product variation

Code Product Name Product Specifications RRP($)
82200C 250L/450L Polymer Pump Well

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