The Everhard 1000L Polymer Grease Arrestor unique baffles design enables grease and oil to be separated using passive separation

80500, 80501, 80502

If you have a food services business, chances are that you will be required to have a trade waste device installed prior to discharging the wastewater to the council sewer mains. The following business types will need to have the trade waste device such as a grease arrestor installed. Check with your local authority of what the minimum requirements are.

Food Service Business Types such as

  • Commercial kitchen
  • Restaurant/hotel/motel/bar/nightclub
  • Fast food outlet/ takeaway food shop
  • Fish and chip shop/pizza shop
  • Cafe/canteen/cafeteria
  • Coffee shop/sandwich shop
  • Bakery/butcher/delicatessen
  • Ice cream shop/doughnut shop 
  • School or tertiary institution kitchen/canteen/cafeteria
  • Community hall kitchen

In general, food service businesses that cook on site or wash fats, oils and grease into the sewer require a grease arrestor for some form. The Everhard 1000L Polymer Grease Arrestor provides an effective solution to the trade waste problem. Using a passive separation method and retention time of 1000L/hour, the grease, fats and oils are separated from the wastewater, while containing food scraps and large solids within the arrestor. 

The Everhard 1000L Polymer Grease Arrestor is manufactured from LLDPE, providing advantages such as light weight for easy transportation, placement and installation, LLDPE being resistant to oil, grease and other materials and substances found in trade waste and internal piping configuration within the grease arrestor, enabling quicker time for the installation. 

The polymer grease arrestor comes in three different access lids depending on application requirements

  • Class A Above Ground Model
  • Class B Below Ground Model
  • Class D Below Ground Model

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