Renovating a laundry is one of those things that feels exciting at first. However, once you’ve torn up the floor and gone through the difficulties of laying down a new one, the allure of a brand new, sparkling white laundry quickly fades. Your excitement may be replaced by a desperate need to get anything functional in that space so you can wash your hands of the whole project and get back to washing your clothes.

You may end up overwhelmed by the many options available for laundry units. Don’t sweat the small stuff! There is so much you can do to maximise storage space within any size laundry, and we have a few products dedicated to doing exactly that.

Site and Sizing

Size is almost always a limiting factor in laundry renovations, our goal is to offer a range of products that can fit in any space and will maximise storage space. If you own a house, consider the site of the laundry within your home, and whether its size can be easily expanded to allow for more storage space or even more laundry equipment, such as a dryer.

Laundry Units – The Range

Selecting the right laundry unit might seem like a breeze, until you see the huge range of options available.

Having been in the laundry game for many decades, we’ve gained a strong appreciation of the requirements for laundry units and laundry sinks. We’ve made the art of maximising storage with a small floorspace into a science.

Here are some in-depth descriptions of our product line to help make things a little more straightforward.

Nugleam Laundry Units

Style meets function in our signature range of laundry products. Each Nugleam Laundry Unit has been designed to fit seamlessly into your home. These products perfectly illustrate our core innovations and the essence of Everhard products – High quality and great value. Our Nugleam range includes the new Laundry Drawer System, the ultimate combination of function and style.

Classic Laundry Units

Our Classic Laundry Units are the entry range to Everhard products. These products are perfect for the budget-conscious shopper who is looking for a traditional laundry setup. All Classic Laundry Units consist of a laundry sink and cabinet with a door.

Laundry Unit Size

Naturally, tub size is going to play a big part in your decision. This is where some of your home’s real dirty work happens, so make sure you have the right tub for the needs of your family. This is critical to having a comfortable (or at least efficient) experience in the laundry.

Nugleam Drawer System Laundry Unit

With two soft-close laundry drawers – featuring finger-pull functionality and stacks of storage in a large bottom drawer – this is a universal problem-solver for laundry storage. Available sizes: 35L or 45L

Nugleam Soft Close Laundry Unit

This is the ultimate throwback to our traditional laundry unit. The Nugleam 35L Soft Close Laundry Unit features a much larger internal storage space. Useful for those of us that really aren’t organised enough to have specific laundry drawers assigned to different items, this system offers a large space to keep the mess out of sight. Available sizes: 35L or 45L

Nugleam Utility Sinks

The sink designed to match your custom cabinetry. Our Nugleam utility sinks come in three sizes, giving you just the right amount of choice to find a balance between your needs and the space you have available. The sizes are:

  • 35 Litres
  • 45 Litres
  • 70 Litres

Nugleam 21L Laundry Unit

The Nugleam 21L Laundry Unit is perfect for narrow spaces or laundries that don’t have a lot of floor space to spare. With its slim fit, this is the perfect option for apartments or smaller home units.

Making a Decision

Selecting the right laundry unit shouldn’t be an arduous process. With all the options available to you, your choice ultimately rests on what exactly you’ll be storing in your laundry drawers or laundry unit, and the range of space and storage available to you elsewhere in the laundry.

The best way to make a choice is to see these products in person. Get down to the nearest stockist and take a look at the full range. You’ll have some idea of the options available and be well on your way to making a decision. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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