Looking for unique laundry room ideas to make the most of your space? How about creating a DIY laundry room dog wash station in your home?

There’s no need to purchase a dedicated dog washing sink, pay a grooming service, or take your dog elsewhere to get clean. Everhard’s Nugleam laundry units are high enough that you won’t need to bend down to wash your dog, and durable enough to stand up to years of washing. A laundry room dog wash station is a great way to make your laundry room a laundry for the whole family!

It’s recommended that most dogs get a bath once a month, so save time and money by washing your pet at home. 

  • Choose a pet-friendly shampoo without harsh chemicals or fragrances. 
  • If your dog has a thick coat, dry brush beforehand for an easier wash. 
  • Give your dog a gentle splash of warm (not hot) water and shampoo for two minutes, or as directed on the bottle. Watch out for sensitive ears! 
  • Rinse and use a pet-friendly conditioner for a healthy shine and moisturized coat. 
  • Give your pup a towel dry. 

Make sure you clean your stainless steel sink with clean water and a soft cloth to avoid stains or discoloration on the surface. 

Why stop at dogs? Everhard laundry units can handle other pets, too, as long as they’ll fit in the sink! Choose a 45L or 35L stainless steel bowl, depending on your intended load. A powder-coated galvanized steel unit and spacious drawers complete a great laundry room unit for any home.

Creating a DIY laundry room dog wash station in your home is as easy as choosing a laundry unit and installing your sink. Check out our full range of laundry units here, or our utility sink range here