Past Projects

We've been involved in many overseas projects, helping to install and maintain environmentally friendly wastewater management systems in remote, rural and developing areas.

Here are some of the overseas projects we’ve worked on.

Mystery Island

Our first overseas project was in Mystery Island in 2010, when we were commissioned to work on a complete hygiene solution for a small resort.  To this point, the island had no sewage system in place. Everhard provided guidance and installation on everything from water saving fixtures, taps and basins to toilets, urinals and complete waste water management systems. We also provided a solar energy solution for the tanks’ electric functions.



In 2012, Everhard worked with Oceania in Fiji to install Waste Water Management systems into a new housing development area, accompanied with a solar energy solution. To find out more, visit


In 2017. Everhard worked with local government in Uruguay to install a Waste Water Management system that would prevent waste from entering the ecosystem, could be easily maintained and would improve the health and wellbeing of those living in the area. The project will be extended to new housing developments in the near future. To find out more, visit


Looking into the future, Everhard is in planning to work with local builders in Vanuatu in the installation of waste water management systems to accompany flat-pack homes in new housing developments.