About Aqua Nova

Required in Australia for properties that do not have access to main sewer lines, Aqua Nova is a mini council treatment plant in your own backyard.

About AQ

Aqua Nova (AQ) is an aerated wastewater treatment system designed to treat all effluent and wastewater from bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Watch this video to find out more.

Required in Australia for properties that do not have access to main sewer lines, the AQ System is a mini council treatment plant in your own backyard, providing reusable water.  Ideal for both commercial and domestic use, AQ is a two tank system that prevents cross contamination, minimising the need for unnecessary pump outs.  There are several different systems available to meet the needs of different sites and council requirements.  It is an environmentally friendly approach for business and land owners who want to channel recycled safe water back into their property. It is helping Australia and other countries to reduce sewerage entering natural waterways.

 Septic Tank v Aqua Nova

A septic tank is a primary treatment system for waste water that is usually discharged underground to naturally transpire, potentially allowing nutrient-rich water to re-enter soil and pollute waterways.  Septic tanks can also be vulnerable to poor soil conditions and high water tables. The Aqua Nova system is different from standard septic tanks because it uses aeration to treat waste water to a secondary level or better, reducing nutrients in effluent so it can be safely irrigated back into soil through gardens and lawns, reducing damage to the environment and fragile waterways. It’s also an economically beneficial alternative, saving you on water bills. If you have a block of land that is not connected to sewage provided by local council, and you want to manage and recycle the waste that you produce through toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry, the most environmental, efficient and economical way, is through an advanced wastewater management system such as the Aqua-Nova.

How Aqua Nova Works


Why Aqua-Nova Is Best

There are 3 primary benefits of selecting an Aqua Nova wastewater system:



  • Non obtrusive and odour free
  • Accredited by state regulation bodies
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Two-tank, 4 stage treatment system offers maximum safety
  • Adds value to your home


More Reliable

  • All household wastewater can be connected with the appropriate working capacity system
  • Trouble-free with routine maintenance carried out every 3 months
  • Fully guaranteed with 15 yr tank warranty & 2 yr electrical component warranty
  • Suits most applications from domestic to light commercial situations and complies with the strict standards set by local authorities & government departments
  • Australian Standards approved AS/NZs 1546-3


More Economical

  • Designed to minimise power and reduce operational costs
  • Average water saving up to 1,200 L per day
  • Can be easily fitted to most pump irrigation equipment