Septic System

Our Polymer Septic Tanks and Components are strong, lightweight, reliable and cost-effective.

Everhard is the leader in wastewater management and disposal.  We manufacture a complete range of septic system components including:

Septic Tanks Pump Wells Distribution Boxes Xtra Treat Filters Grease Traps Evertrench Geotextile
Captures, treats and disperses domestic or commercial wastewater Temporary retention of domestic or commercial wastewater Receives and distributes wastewater from septic tank Filters and improves quality of effluent leaving tank Eliminates or reduces presence of unwanted matter in sanitary
drainage systems
Allows fluid from the tank to disperse along the trench, soaking into the soil Filtration of water in absorption trenches or subsoil drainage


Septic Tanks


Everhard’s Polymer Septic Tank products are used to collect all waste water from a property where council sewers are not available. The waste water is broken down by bacteria and enzymes inside the tank and creates effluent water. This water is normally distributed to absorption trenches where the effluent is absorbed into the ground. The amount of absorption trenches will be determined by a site and soil engineer depending on the soil type. Septic Tanks are called primary treatment systems.

Everhard Polymer Septic Tanks provide peace of mind with a robust design and manufactured from polypropylene that outlasts concrete and are impervious to attack from moisture, corrosion, are recyclable and can last for over 100 years.

Everhard Polymer Septic Tanks provide a lifetime of safe and reliable use and meet the requirements of ASNZ1546.1.2008, 100% Australian Made and come with a 15 Year Warranty.

Everhard has the following Polymer Septic Tank sizes

2500L, 3000L, 3000L with Deep Invert, 4000L 

Polymer Septic Tanks can also have a partition included with the tank to divide the tank into a solid chamber and effluent chamber, which is required by some local authorities

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Pump Wells


Our Polymer Pump Wells provide a practical solution for the temporary retention of wastewater in a range of domestic and industrial applications. They are available in two configurations – a 250/450L capacity spherical model and a conical design with pre-moulded connection recesses for capacities of 600L, 800L, 1000L and 1250L.

Both Pump Wells are seamlessly rotomoulded from polyethylene which guarantees a high durability against dents, cracks or breaks in the material, The lawn green lid is also UV stabilised for longer life. The Pump Wells have a small footprint and are lightweight, facilitating economical transportation and easy handling on site.

The Pump Wells are certified to ASNZS1546.1, complying with the standard for vessels such as Septic Tanks and Collection Wells for use in domestic and some other situations. Everhard Industries provides a 15 yearmanufactures warranty on the polymer components and workmanship of the Pump Well.

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Distribution Boxes


Our Polymer Distribution Boxes are made from injection moulded Polypropylene which is durable and tough, with additives for resistance to UV degradation. Weir baffles divide flow evenly and have pre-cut holes for DN100 uPVC pipes (inlet and two side outlets.) Extra holes are readily cut with a normal jig-saw or hole-saw. Their light weight makes them easy to handle and simple to install.

Standard moulded Polymer Covers and suitable for non-traffic areas such as gardens. Optional concrete covers and checkerplate covers are also available for areas wehre regular pedestrian traffic is probable, or where activities such as mowing may damage standard covers.

Distribution Boxes must be installed on a compacted bed of seating material in a hole with inlet and outlet pipes at the correct depth to allow free drainage.

Fluid in Distribution Boxes from wastewater treatment systems is contaminated and may be harmful. Access to the Distribution Box for cleaning purposes etc must be restricted to authorised personnel.

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Note: Some authorities may not permit the use of Distribution Boxes. This is usually where pumped and valve controlled flow to on-site land applications systems are installed or required. Check with the local authority before selecting and ordering equipment for any on-site wastewater treatment or disposal system.


Xtra Treat™ Outlet Filter


The Xtra Treat™ septic tank outlet filter significantly improves the quality of effluent leaving the tank. Consisting of six cylinders of everlasting polypropylene webbing and offering optimum surface area and durability. Xtra Treat prevents the passage of any particle larger than 3.5mm in diameter, drastically reducing the levels of solids leaving the tank and ensuring better anaerobic digestion in the tank as well as prolonging the life of dispersion trenches. The robust injection moulded handle makes it easy and safe to install, operate and inspect.

Xtra Treat™ fits Everhard polymer tanks and can easily be retro-fitted to existing Everhard tanks and other tanks can be easily adapted for use with Xtra Treat™. An alternate model of Xtra Treat™ is also available to suit concrete septic tanks.

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Grease Arrestor/Traps


Our 45L injection moulded polymer Grease Arrestor/Traps is ideal for domestic grey-water situations, where it eliminates or reduces the presence of unwanted matter in sanitary drainage systems. These greases, oils, and other kitchen waste matter, as well as accumulated soapy residue, lint and hair in bathroom and laundry wastewater would otherwise be detrimental on sewer or wastewater disposal systems, as well as large scale sewage treatment and water processing plants.

Additonally, the removal or reduction of these wastes encourages the growth of beneficial colonies, and the processes which “digest” and neutralise potentially harmful organisms.

Passive types of arrestor are traditionally the most cost-effective way of removing greasy matter from kitchen wastewater. This relies on fluid passing slowly through the Trap so that the waste matter’s natural buoyancy causes it to settle to the bottom, or float on the surface. Everhard’s 45 Litre Grease Arrestor/Traps is designed for connection to standard 100mm drains and is equipped with a polymer basket for easy removal of trapped waste. Accumulated scum and sludge waste matter can then be removed by authorised contractors to approved disposal facilities.

The polymer trap has a strong, durable, polypropylene cover the child-resistant locking tabs and there is an optional concrete cover available. Risers are also available to allow increased over over pipework.

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Note: Grease Arrestor/Traps are generally recognised to offer significant advantages in many situations, however, local authorities may have particular specifications, that should be investigated prior to installation. This unit is intended for residential property and not for installation in areas exposed to regular pedestrian traffic or to any form of vehicular traffic.




Evertrench is a durable self-supporting arched liner, complying with Australian standards, designed to allow fluid from the tank to disperse along the entire raked, level floor of the trench, soaking into the soil more evenly than from slotted pipe that is sometimes used.

The Evertrench 1200mm lengths are easily installed by one person and the corrugated design means sections can be easily interlocked using no extra parts or tools. Available in three standard sizes, Evertrench allows for totally efficient, free-flowing wastewater disposal, with a greater transfer area than required by the Australian Standard.

Unlike traditional trenches, which are filled with rubble or crushed rock, Evertrench provides 100% uncluttered wastewater dispersal. the entire arched interior space of Evertrench is available to hold fluid and then dispose of it through the trench floor area and through the punched holes in the side walls.

Evertrench also out-performs slotted pipe by allowing quicker dispersion of fluid to surrounding aggregate and soil for transpiration of evaporation, with less risk of blockage. For totally efficient, free-flowing wastewater disposal, you can’t go past Evertrench.

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Geotextile Drain Matting


Our Drain Matting is a non-woven geotextile that provides a cost effective solution for the filtration of water for drainage purposes such as absorption trenches or subsoil drainage. The range includes retail bags that are ideal for small jobs and large rolls of up to 2 metres.

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