Selecting the right domestic wastewater treatment system for your home is critical to saving time and money later on. However, it can be a challenging decision. There are dozens of factors that influence a purchasing decision, and weighing up the pros and cons of different systems requires time and careful analysis. This is a major purchase and you really only have one chance to get it right.

What to Expect From a Wastewater Treatment System

A good domestic wastewater treatment system will effectively manage all residential waste allocated to it. A quality wastewater treatment system will basically act as a miniature version of your local council treatment plant.

It will effectively treat the household wastewater to extent that it can be reused for irrigation purposes on nearby plants or gardens. The goal of a good wastewater system is minimal pump-outs, meaning it can efficiently manage your solid waste for long periods without intervention, treating all solid waste and producing reasonably good quality (non-potable) water.

Wastewater Treatment Systems vs Septic Tanks

A septic tank will usually fulfill only the first stages of a good wastewater treatment system. It is for primary treatment only, relying on underground dispersion of its output to naturally transpire. Using a septic system means that surrounding soil (and the water table) may be open to contamination.

A wastewater treatment system, on the other hand, will produce output that is far more environmentally friendly, reducing the potential detrimental effects on the surrounding environment.


Your capacity requirements are going to play a significant role in your decision. Most domestic wastewater treatment systems should comfortably handle reasonably large domestic loads.


Any good wastewater treatment system is going to come with an extensive warranty. These are significant purchases, and you should be looking for at least a decade of warranty on the tank (or tanks in dual stage systems). High quality tanks will easily last this length of time, with some tanks (assuming proper installation) lasting for many decades.

Do your research and understand the warranty on all components of the system.

Maintenance Requirements

Different systems have differing maintenance requirements. Generally speaking, you will need to conduct basic routine maintenance at least every three months.

Maintaining your wastewater treatment system is critical to ensuring its longevity. It is highly recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines closely. By doing so, you can help avoid major servicing and repair requirements which can quickly become costly.

Location and Space

Naturally, your location and the space available are going to play a role in the type of wastewater treatment system you can install. In most situations, you will need to speak to a professional when installing. Ensure you understand where the system needs to be installed in relation to your home, how factors such as elevation, slope, soil type and even weather may impact the safe operation of your wastewater treatment system.

Local Regulations

Depending on your state and local council regulations, you may need to undergo a Land Capability Assessment or produce a Wastewater Report in order to determine eligibility and suitability for a domestic wastewater treatment system.

Often, you will be required to make an application and receive approval prior to moving ahead with installation.

If you are in doubt, consult with your local council and get an understanding of exactly what you need in a wastewater treatment system.

Aqua Nova Wastewater Treatment System

Everhard’s Aqua Nova wastewater treatment system is one of the most well-known and respected domestic systems in Australia. A two-tank system, Aqua Nova is extremely environmentally friendly and perfect for those who want to reuse recycled water on their property. 

Aqua Nova works in five stages. The system produces highly treated water via an aerobic process, which is then clarified and disinfected prior to use. It is extremely economical to run and long-lasting compared to competitor solutions, while producing water quality that is best-in-class. If you’re in the market for a domestic wastewater treatment system, consider Aqua Nova.

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