We are happy and excited to announce that EasyDRAIN Edge has been shortlisted for the 2020 Sustainability Awards in the Green Building Material category!

What are the Sustainability Awards?

Running for 14 years, the Sustainability Awards is the longest running and most prestigious awards program specific to sustainability in Australia’s design and building sector.

Our Submission in a nutshell – 

EasyDRAIN Edge is proudly manufactured by us in Brisbane and is produced using UV Stabilised, 100% recycled polypropylene. By adding the UV stabiliser it extends the life out of the system which reduces the need for replacements. At the end of the product life EasyDRAIN Edge can be recycled back into the economy instead of going into landfills. Using a holistic approach to the design, EasyDRAIN Edge addresses current environmental issues and impact, manufacturing considerations and impact and consumer experience and behaviour.

For more info on our submission and the awards check out this link: