EasyDRAIN™ Edge

Introducing EasyDRAIN Edge


EasyDRAIN Edge is an eco-friendly, invisible drainage solution. Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastics, EasyDRAIN Edge is a first to market, completely concealed drainage system that doesn’t compromise on functionality or aesthetics. 

This architecturally designed, rust free drainage system works seamlessly with your tiles and pavers, revealing only a small slot for water to capture instead of traditionally seeing a large drainage grate. Installed under the surface, EasyDRAIN Edge creates new landscaping opportunities for patios, swimming pools, balconies and other outdoor areas without compromising on your water collection needs. 

Proudly manufactured in Australia using 100% recycled plastics, EasyDRAIN Edge has been designed for Australian homes and Australian conditions. 

EasyDRAIN Edge Explained



How EasyDRAIN Edge Works

1.    Channel & Grate

1 metre channel & grate length available, with 100m profile, designed with click together interlocking technology. Can be cut to size to suit your requirements. 

2.   Access Pit

This is where debris will collect and the access point to clean your drainage. To ensure access to the system the paver needs to be removable on this part. 

3.   Slot

20mm slot captures waterflow into channel

4. Pavers

Installed on top of grate, pavers/tiles are adhered to the grate using adhesive sealant

5.   Heel Friendly Insert (Optional)

Including this component converts the system into an accessible system and heel friendly system for pedestrian activity, adhering to industry standards AS1428. The insert works with pavers of a max height of 50mm and can be adjusted for shorter pavers in increments of 10mm. 

*Not shown – External and Internal Corners – corners allow for easy change of direction


Why Choose EasyDRAIN Edge?


EasyDRAIN Edge is a unique offering in drainage, straying from the typical stainless steel grate designs that are distinctive in appearance, Edge is a concealed drainage channel that is ideal for those that don’t want to compromise on aesthetics. Made completely from plastic, this makes Edge a cost effective architecturally designed drainage system. Suitable for low rainfall areas, EasyDRAIN Edge is installed beneath the surface, to be covered by tiles or pavers whilst still maintaining a 20mm slot to capture waterflow. Made from 100% recycled plastic, there are no concerns around rusting for this system – allowing it to be suitable for patios, rooftops, alfresco areas, swimming pools and areas affected by salt and chemicals.


Where is EasyDRAIN Edge suitable to install?






















How do I access the system if it is installed under the surface?

The pavers/tiles on top of the Access Pit component should remain unsealed, as per the installation instructions; you can clean out the system via this section of the drainage system.

How do you install EasyDRAIN Edge?

We recommend that a professional tradesperson install the system to ensure the tiles/pavers support efficient water flow into the drain as well as the correct positioning of the Access Pit. Refer to the installation instructions for more information – EasyDRAIN Edge Installation Instructions

With a 20mm slot – will the system capture rainfall?

EasyDRAIN Edge has been tested to handle a maximum of 149L per metre/per minute. This is comparable with our EasyDrain Standard and Compact systems. 

Test results are a guide only and are limited by the test environment. Drainage capacity will differ with every installation.


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