Is EasyDRAIN Edge suitable for my drainage needs?

EasyDRAIN Edge is recommended for low rainfall areas including patios, swimming pools, rooftops, balconies, cafes and other alfresco areas. 

How much water will EasyDRAIN Edge handle?

EasyDRAIN Edge has been tested to handle a maximum of 149L per metre/per minute.
Test results are a guide only and are limited by the test environment. Drainage capacity will differ with every installation.

How wide is the drainage area in Edge?

The Drainage width is 20mm. We supply a heel friendly insert if 20mm is a safety concern. This insert is recommended for pedestrian activity.



Can I install edge or do I need a professional?

We recommend a professional for EasyDRAIN Edge to ensure the tiles/pavers are laid to support waterflow into the drain but DIY installation is possible and directions are available on our website via the link – EasyDRAIN Edge Installation Instructions.

Why would I choose EasyDRAIN Edge over the other EasyDRAIN systems?

EasyDRAIN Edge makes drainage invisible which makes it ideal for entertaining areas around the home, in cafes etc. it is a premium look and finish without a premium price.

Can I retro fit EasyDRAIN Edge to my area?

EasyDRAIN Edge can be fitted to an existing EasyDRAIN channel however, to avoid uneven surfaces, we recommended new pavers or tiling be placed to butt up to the lip of the grate.

Can I connect EasyDRAIN Edge to the Compact or Standard systems?

EasyDRAIN Edge can be connected to other EasyDRAIN systems however, this can lead to uneven flooring as the lip on the Edge creates the need for the tile/paver to be higher than the existing drainage system.



What is EasyDRAIN Edge made from?

EasyDRAIN Edge is made  with recycled, UV stabilised polymer material.

Where is EasyDRAIN Edge made?

All of our EasyDRAIN range is manufactured in Brisbane, Australia.

Do I have to buy an Access Pit?

We recommend an Access Pit for every installation as this the best entry into the system to clean out debris that may impact the efficiency of your drainage system. To further improve debris removal – install Access Pits at both ends a push water through from the highest point to the lowest to move all debris

How do I clean the debris out of the drainage?

Access Pits are installed with a removable tile/paver on top to ensure easy access. Talk to your trade specialist about how to achieve this.

Where do I install the Access pit to make sure the debris moves to that area?

Always install your Access Pit at the lowest point to ensure water and debris run down into the pit. For improved clearing of debris, we recommend installing a second Access Pit at the highest end to flush water through to lowest end.

Would you recommend the heel friendly insert?

We do recommend the heel friendly insert for all pedestrian activity areas. For installation areas with no pedestrian activity, the insert is not required.

Does the heel friendly insert impact Edge’s drainage capacity?

The heel friendly insert will have minimal impact on Edge’s ability to drain. We recommend installation be kept to low waterflow areas such as patios, entertaining areas, cafes, pools etc.

How deep is the Channel in the EasyDRAIN Edge?

EasyDRAIN Edge is 137mm deep. This is the same depth as our EasyDRAIN standard system.

How do I know which corner to use? 

The Internal Corner will be to direct the drainage around the inside of a corner, the External Corner is to wrap around the outer-corner of an edge.