As a homeowner, regular maintenance of your drainage system is so important. Generally, this system is often forgotten as it’s predominantly buried underground evidently only noticed once disaster or major rainfall has struck!

Stormwater Drainage Maintenance

So what should you do to ensure you are making the most out of your stormwater drainage system? The steps to maintaining a drainage system are relatively easy when done on a regular basis – we want to provide some of our handy tips for maintaining your drainage at home!

  • Make sure all collection points are clear of leaf, debris and rubbish (this includes pits, channel and gutters)
  • Ensure all outlets are clear and free from any obstructions



Weather Event Prevention Tasks

In many cases, damage can be prevented by carrying out maintenance and preventative measures around particular times of the year – storm seasons, large rainfall predictions, intense heat, etc. Some things to be mindful of around seasonal changes include –

  • System failures – During a rain event, it can be extremely difficult for any remediation work to take place (clearing a blockage) whilst water is flowing and thus should be prevented where possible
  • Dry leaf build-up – Having a build-up of dry tree leaves in your gutter in the warmer months increases the risk of ember attack in a bush fire or during a rain event could cause gutters to block forcing water into the ceiling space

It is important to remember that if there is an issue that occurs in your drainage system, there can be both minor and major consequences – including damage to building foundations, water ingress into buildings, damage to neighbouring properties and environmental damage such as erosion.