Finding the right channel and grate system for your drainage requirements can be an overwhelming task, particularly if you’re doing so without the assistance of a trade professional.

Channel and grate is designed to last for a very long time. As such, it’s important to have as much information as possible at your fingertips. To assist, we’ve put together a guide of the things you need to know  when you’re making your purchasing decision.

For the purposes of this article, we will be focussing entirely on domestic channel and grate drainage systems. For more information on commercial solutions, visit our commercial surface water drainage page.


Channel and grate systems can be difficult to replace particularly if they’re embedded in concrete. You need to make sure that you can rely on your system to stand the test of time, which is why durability is one of the most important factors that come into play when making a purchasing decision.


Any robust channel and grate drainage system will provide you with a world of flexibility to ensure it suits your particular requirements. Different channel lengths, ease of cutting them down to size with readily available tools, flexible joint options and a large range of attachments all come in handy when you’re trying to install your channel and grate system. 


Your chosen channel and grate drainage system’s capacity will impact how effective it is when under a high load. If you live in a region that’s susceptible to heavy rainfall, or are likely to have a large amount of leaf litter in the area that the system is installed, capacity will be an important factor.

Select a  drainage system with the leaf baskets, and measures to prevent debris entering waterways or blocking drains to ensure any water that is getting in there is quickly drained, rather than pooling. 

Ease of installation

If you’re installing the channel and grate system yourself, ease of installation will play a large part in your decision making. This is particularly true if you have no experience installing these systems. Thankfully, most modern systems are relatively straightforward, but some are more intuitive than others.  


Every channel and grate drainage system comes with different features, applicable to different use cases. Different junction options, different grates, different ways to connect sections, and so on. Get a good idea of the different features of each system before deciding what to go with.

Ask around

One of  the best ways to gain an understanding of the right system for you is to ask around. If you have friends or family that have previously installed their own channel and grate drainage system, they will likely have some good tips for you before you get started. It can also be very helpful to speak with a trade professional or someone who knows what they’re talking about at your local hardware store.


The EasyDRAIN system designed by Everhard Industries is the market leader for channel and grate drainage systems. EasyDRAIN has been in development for decades, and continues to refine our products according to feedback from customers and to suit new use cases. We provide a range of features and different options to ensure that you get the exact setup that you’re looking for, without being overwhelmed with choice.

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