When it comes to managing water flow and preventing flooding in residential and commercial spaces, the choice of drainage systems plays a pivotal role. In this article, we will compare four distinct drainage solutions offered by Everhard – DuraDRAIN, EasyDrain Edge, EasyDrain Compact, and EasyDrain Standard. Each product caters to specific needs, ensuring effective water drainage while addressing diverse environmental and usage scenarios.

DuraDRAIN – A Heavy-Duty Commercial and Residential Solution:

DuraDRAIN stands out as a robust and versatile drainage system suitable for heavy-duty applications in carparks, driveways, and commercial areas. Key features include a 100% recycled polymer construction, UV stabilisation for enhanced durability, lightweight design for easy installation, and pre-shaped outlets for quick connection to stormwater pipes. The five-year warranty on polymer products and a one-year warranty on metal grates underline the product’s commitment to longevity. DuraDRAIN offers a reliable solution for areas experiencing high rainfall and water flow.

EasyDrain Edge – Perfect Blend of Functionality and Aesthetics:

Designed primarily for residential use, EasyDrain Edge excels in preventing flooding in driveways, houses, pathways, and garden beds. The unit, made from 100% recycled polymer, boasts UV stabilisation for extended life.The EasyDrain Edge is seamlessly installed beneath the surface, ensuring that only the sleek 100mm slot remains visible, discreetly capturing water without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the space. This compact and nearly invisible design makes the channel suitable for areas with low rainfall and water flow.

EasyDrain Compact – Versatility and Design Options:

EasyDrain Compact, another residential solution, shares similarities with EasyDrain Edge in terms of construction materials and UV stabilisation. The compact unit offers additional design flexibility with two grate options – polymer or galvanised. Like other EasyDrain products, it prevents flooding, reduces slip hazards from pool overflow, and combats soil erosion. The compact unit is recommended for areas with low rainfall and water flow, such as pedestrian areas around the house.

EasyDrain Standard – Balancing Functionality and Design:

Catering to medium rainfall and water flow areas, EasyDrain Standard provides an effective residential drainage solution. With 100% recycled polymer construction, UV stabilisation, and a variety of grate options, it combines functionality with design flair. This unit is suitable for preventing flooding in driveways, houses, pathways, and garden beds. The interchangeable grates offer customisation, and the product comes with a five-year warranty on polymer grates and one-year warranty on stainless and galvanised grates.

In conclusion, EasyDrain offers a comprehensive range of drainage solutions to address various needs in both commercial and residential settings. Whether you require heavy-duty performance, aesthetic appeal, design flexibility, or a balanced solution for medium rainfall areas, there’s an EasyDrain product to fit the bill. The commitment to using recycled materials, UV stabilisation, and warranties on products reflect Everhard’s dedication to providing sustainable and reliable drainage solutions.