We are pleased to announce that Moira Harris has commenced as CEO of Everhard Industries. 

Moira comes to Everhard with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in sales & operations, manufacturing and concrete production, and working in family-owned businesses. 

When we asked Moira what drew her to Everhard, she explained: 

“Manufacturing in Australia is my passion. To have a CEO opportunity come up in Brisbane (my chosen home town), and to join at a time where we are both manufacturing and importing to modernise and grow our brand, was just too a good opportunity not to be part of. I have only known Everhard from the outside looking in and I have to say that now that I am here, the calibre of the people, the enthusiasm for success and change, and the total dedication from the Board of Directors has surpassed my expectations.” 

Everhard is looking to the future and building on our 90+ year legacy as an Australian manufacturer and distributor. We are excited to have Moira on board, leading the company in building that future!