Everhard recently welcomed and commissioned a new 320 Tonne Injection Moulding Machine to our plastics manufacturing division with a 1200 Tonne Machine due in May. The new machines will support the production of our popular Australian made residential and commercial drainage systems. Products manufactured on this machine are produced using 100% recycled polymer with a UV stabiliser protecting it from degradation of UV rays which extends the lifespan of the product. At the end of the product life the material can then be recycled back into the economy instead of going into landfills. Creating sustainable products that are designed for Australian homes and conditions that solve complex water issues is at the core of what we do and drives our innovations. 

As we look to always improve our manufacturing processes, producing stock on new machinery that is efficient to run reduces the environmental impact of production and enhances employee and product safety, something we strive for continually across our plastics and precast manufacturing divisions. 

Acquiring the new machinery supports the Boyce Davis family, Independent Directors  and Everhard’s leadership team commitment to grow, contribute strongly to the Australian manufacturing industry and support jobs in the community. 

Moira Harris, Everhard’s CEO explains “being able to invest like this for our future, especially after the events of 2020, is a true reflection of the effort the whole team has put into the business and the owners passion for Australian manufacturing and Everhard’s future, we are all keen to get these machines going and continue down this path of growth”. 

Everhard Industries, established in 1926 is an Australian family-owned manufacturer of Drainage, Wastewater and Environmental Water Management solutions for residential and commercial applications.