At Everhard Industries, we recently had the privilege of hosting a visit from Heidi Cooper CEO at Business Chamber Queensland and Hon Angus Taylor MP,  who are shining a spotlight on the vital role of Australian manufacturing and the hurdles businesses face in today’s economic landscape.

Gina Boyce-Rowe, representing Everhard Industries, proudly spoke of our longstanding dedication to Australian manufacturing and innovation. With nearly a century of operation, Everhard stands as a beacon of resilience and longevity in the Australian business landscape. Gina emphasised the significance of government support in fostering our ongoing growth and sustainability, particularly in the face of challenges such as the housing crisis and ongoing cost of living pressures. 

Heidi Cooper, CEO of Business Chamber Queensland, echoed these sentiments, lauding Everhard’s exemplary status as a Queensland-based business. Heidi stressed the necessity of an optimal economic environment to ensure the prosperity of businesses like ours both now and in the future. She advocates for proactive policies aimed at alleviating the mounting costs of conducting business, spanning wages, energy, insurance, and regulatory burdens.

Angus Taylor, Shadow Treasurer, reiterated the pivotal role of government assistance in nurturing a thriving business sector. He highlighted the imminent budget as a pivotal opportunity for the government to prioritise issues affecting Australian households and businesses alike. Angus Taylor emphasised the urgency of tackling inflation and cost-of-living challenges, championing fiscal responsibility and strategies to enhance productivity and competitiveness.

In summary, the working group discussions that were held and the visit to our manufacturing sites served as a poignant reminder of the resilience and significance of Australian manufacturing. As we continue to navigate challenges and aspire for longevity, government backing and proactive policies are indispensable in safeguarding our ongoing success and contribution to the nation’s economy