Past Projects – Contract Moulding

Over the past 20 years, we’ve provided clients with diverse contract moulding solutions.

Here are a few of the plastics injection moulding and pre-cast concrete moulding projects we’ve worked on for our clients.

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Plastics Injection Moulding

  • 1997 – Using an existing mould from Europe, Everhard produced large-scale fruit crates that were then used at a fruit stall at Rocklea Markets, Brisbane
  • 2000 – Everhard produced a range of specialty pallets for Viscount
  • 2000 – Everhard worked with a private organisation to produce polyethylene-powdered road barriers for council road works
  • 2001 – Everhard produced reservoir tanks for a range of Waterrama pools that were installed throughout Queensland
  • 2001 – Everhard produced road bases using hexagonal-shaped moulded pieces that clicks together to create a large solid temporary ground cover over unstable earth. These were used in mining areas throughout Australia
  • 2002 – Everhard produced a range of specialty lattice for outdoor use
  • 2002 – Everhard worked with Sulu to produce government-issued wheelie bins
  • 2005 – Everhard worked with Ford to produce vehicle side skirts used exclusively on the EGR–XR6 range of vehicles


Pre-Cast Concrete Moulding

  • 2015 – Everhard began production of cemetery beams for Brisbane City Council and are still producing these today
  • 2015 – Everhard worked on a project to develop bowling green gutters for a local club
  • 2016 – Everhard expended the production of cemetery beams for a war service memorial
  • 2017 – Everhard was approached by Maroochy Shire Council to produce 5 tonne lids for pit covers for local parks and shopping areas
  • 2017 – Everhard worked with Brisbane Council to produce pipe head collars for Aco-Polycrete being used in the Toowoomba Bypass Project
  • 2018 and beyond – Everhard continues working with local pool manufacturers and builders to develop compact plunge pools for new housing developments