Stormwater Solutions

We offer a range of commercial surface water drainage and stormwater drainage solutions. The majority of our stormwater solutions are injection moulded from recycled polymer, designed and manufactured in Queensland using recycled plastics. The remainder are moulded from concrete. We offer complete solutions for your civil and commercial needs.

Everhard’s range of polymer stormwater management systems are designed for various commercial and residential drainage projects and made to withstand Australia’s harsh weather and environmental conditions. Stormwater is essentially rain runoff that comes from roofs, roads, driveways and footpaths. Our stormwater products are designed to capture and distribute water efficiently and effectively. Accessories that assist with capturing debris can also be installed ensuring they don’t enter stormwater pipes causing potential blockages and also ending up in our precious waterways.  

Our stormwater water pits and risers are made from 100% recycled polymer and manufactured by us in Brisbane, QLD. We also offer a variety of grates to suit your project, ranging from class A to class D. Using 100% recycled polymer with a UV stabilised additive expands the lifespan of the product, which can then be recycled after use, instead of going into landfill. Choosing locally made and sustainable products for your project means you can reduce your environmental footprint and support Australian manufacturing. Everhard is committed to sustainable manufacturing and using sustainable materials.

Stormwater Pits – the range

Designed for both commercial and residential applications, Everhard’s stormwater pits are injection moulded in strong, durable UV resistant polymer and are ideal for trafficable areas. See our installation guide and guide to class ratings to ensure your design meets the requirements for trafficable areas. Providing an economical and efficient solution for the removal of surface water to comply with AS/NZS 3500.3, the range of stormwater pits can be used with confidence and permits easy installation. 

Grates and Covers

Everhard has a range of grates and covers to suit the various stormwater pit sizes. Ranging from 316 stainless steel to galvanised steel and cast iron, there is a grate option to suit any project. Check the series collection for the required size to see what grate options are available. Refer to our grate guide selection for quick reference.

Stormwater Management Devices

Everhard’s stormwater management devices are designed to collect debris that enters the stormwater pit and catches and holds it before it enters the stormwater drain, ultimately minimising the risk of debris entering waterways. 

Tough polymer leaf baskets are available for the series 300 pits. Trash screens and SQID devices are available for series 300, 450 and 600 and designed to be placed into position under the grate, providing an efficient and cost effective guard against debris entering the stormwater drains. With our stormwater management devices, no modification is needed to the pits and no extra work stormwater

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

Our stormwater systems are proudly manufactured by us in Brisbane and are produced using UV stabilised 100% recycled polymer. We then add a UV stabiliser to extend the life of the system which also reduces the need for replacements. At the end of the product life the polymer consumables can be recycled back into the economy instead of going into landfills. 

Using a holistic approach to the design, Everhard’s stormwater and drainage systems address environmental impact, manufacturing considerations and installation considerations.

To find out more about our design and manufacturing processes and our commitment to sustainable manufacturing check out our resources.


How can I catch debris or pollution in the stormwater pit?

You can install a leaf basket or SQID device that both act as debris catchers. These can be maintained by removing from the pit and cleaning out

Can vehicles drive over the installed stormwater pit?

Only if you’ve installed a class B or class D grate

 Is the range of stormwater pits compliant with the plumbing and drainage code of Australia and New Zealand?

Yes, Everhard’s range of stormwater pits complies with ASNZ 3500

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