Flo-way & Rainwater Pits

Our Flo-way and Rainwater drainage products are designed to integrate with the EasyDRAIN ranges or can be used as a standalone surface water collection point.

Flo-way and Rainwater Pits are designed for use under garden taps, downpipes or any location where surface water collects however is not exposed to vehicle traffic. Everhard’s pits are designed to suit 90mm or 100mm PVC pipes with additional components in the range to help secure the stormwater connection points and accessories that catch debris ensuring it won’t end up in waterways or block the drainage system. 

Australian made, with a UV stabiliser added to the polymer to extend the lifespan of the product, Flo-way pits that have an internal depth of 75mm and Rainwater pits have an internal depth of 280mm. Both systems can be installed as a drainage point by itself or can be connected to EasyDRAIN drainage systems. Available with a range of different grates to suit multiple applications including walkways, landscaped areas and various outdoor spaces. Refer to our quick guide to selecting drainage grates – choosing the right material for the intended environment is paramount to the success of your project.

Flo-way & Rainwater Pits - Products

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  • Eco friendly – pits and polymer grates are made from 100% recycled polymer and manufactured in Australia. A UV stabiliser is added to the polymer increasing the lifespan of the product. Products can be recycled after use instead of going into landfills. 
  • Plumbing – pits are moulded with inlets and outlets that connect to 90mm or 100mm PVC pipes
  • FlexibilityFlo-way and rainwater pits can be purchased as complete units or as pits only or grates only. Making the system flexible and ideal for replacements. 
  • Grates Flo-way and Rainwater pits are available with the following grates: 100% recycled polymer – in black or grey, aluminium, Eurodesign 316 stainless steel 
  • Maintenanceleaf domes and leaf baskets are designed to catch debris before entering waterways and pipes. These also act as a catchment point so you can remove and clean the system. Majority of residential flooding problems come from non-maintained drainage systems. Get in front of the problem and maintain your system easily with our drainage accessories.


When should I install a rainwater pit?

Most common applications for installing a rainwater pit is where surface water is collecting or as a collection point from roof drainage

Is there a risk microparticles from the polymer will enter the waterways?

No, microparticles will not come off the polymer when moulded correctly. If you cut the plastic for pipe connections ensure you have cleaned the plastic shavings to ensure they don’t enter waterways.

How do you join EasyDRAIN to a pit?

Our Rainwater and Stormwater pits are designed so that you can insert PVC into any side of the pit as there is no specified cut out design on the pit itself. This means that you can determine where the pit needs to go and using the underside of the EasyDRAIN Channel or a Slim Pit you are able to connect a pipe via the designated cut out space. To cut into either the Channel, Slim Pit or Rainwater/Stormwater Pit we suggest using a hole saw


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Flo-way & Rainwater Spec Pack

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