EasyDRAIN Standard

Our range of EasyDRAIN drainage systems are designed to suit any project. Common applications include residential driveways, swimming pools, patios, landscaped areas, walkways, outdoor entertaining areas and balconies.

EasyDRAIN Standard is a click together drainage system designed for outdoor applications, medium to high rainfall areas and areas with a medium to high water flow. With an internal channel depth of 100mm and components to suit various configurations, ensures the system can effectively hold and distribute water efficiently throughout the drainage system.

Made in Australia, from 100% recycled polymer, EasyDRAIN Standard is a sustainable and eco-friendly drainage choice for homeowners and installers. Available with a range of different grates to suit multiple applications including walkways, landscaped areas and various outdoor spaces. Refer to our quick guide to selecting drainage grates – choosing the right material for the intended environment is paramount to the success of your project. 

  • Eco friendly – channel and polymer grates are made from 100% recycled polymer and manufactured in Australia. A UV stabiliser is added to the polymer increasing the lifespan of the product. Products can be recycled after use instead of going into landfill
  • Adaptable – ability to tailor to any configuration as channel lengths and system components click together. 200mm paver length segments are moulded into the channel to allow for easy cutting to suit your project requirements, these can then be rejoined using converters.
  • Plumbing – channel is moulded with bottom outlets that connect to 75mm, 90mm or 100mm PVC pipes
  • Wheel loads – the channel  with polymer and galvanised round bar grates, once correctly installed in concrete, are rated to 1.5 tonne wheel loads – check out our guide to wheel loads.
  • Grates – EasyDRAIN Standard is available with the following grates: 100% recycled polymer, pressed galvanised steel, pressed stainless steel, Eurodesign 316 stainless steel and galvanised round bar


Check out our EasyDRAIN Installation Video to see how to install our products, and how all the components work together


How do I know which drainage is best suited for my project? 

We suggest it is best to look at how much water the area tends to receive, as well as considering the environment that is around it. Is it on a slope? Is it near a pool? Do you live near the ocean? All aspects need to be taken into consideration to ensure not only the grate is appropriate, but the channel too.

What are the different flow rates for the different grates?

Standard Polymer Grate – 417L/min/metres
Pressed Stainless Grate – 458L/min/metres
Pressed Galvanised Grate – 230L/min/metres
Heel Friendly Polymer Grate – 175L/min/metres
Edge Grate – 149L/min/metres

This all depends on a range of different variables, but if we make a like-for-like comparison assuming a 1 in 200 site gradient and catchment area of 250m² 

What are the different waterflow and rainfall capacities?

TechnoDRAIN & EvoMAX – high
Standard Channel – medium to high
Compact Channel – medium to low
Edge Channel – medium to low


Warranty Documents

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Installation Guide

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Spec Pack

The EasyDRAIN Standard Spec Pack includes the 1m lengths, accessories and grate options