Architecturally designed and eco-friendly, Edge is our new to market polymer slot drainage system. Designed for spaces where both function and aesthetics are essential.

EasyDRAIN Edge is an architectural and sustainable drainage system that is installed completely underground revealing a small 20mm slot of complete water capture. The system creates new landscaping opportunities for areas such as patios and swimming pools without compromising on water collection needs. Edge has been tested to handle a water flow of 149L per metre per minute. 

EasyDRAIN Edge balances function and aesthetics, and is designed for the specifier, installer and homeowner. For the installer, the system has been designed with click-together technology and moulded outlets to make installation quick and easy. For the specifier and homeowner, exposing only a 20mm slot for water capture, the system is rust free, works with a variety of pavers, and is completely concealed, ensuring landscaping vision is maintained. 

Manufactured in Australia using 100% recycled polymer, a cost-effective material, Edge is budget-friendly and will ensure drainage is at the forefront of your landscape design. 

EasyDRAIN EDGE - Products

  • Eco friendly – channel and polymer grates are made from 100% recycled polymer and manufactured in Australia. A UV stabiliser is added to the polymer increasing the lifespan of the product. Products can be recycled after use instead of going into landfills.
  • Adaptable – ability to tailor to any configuration as channel lengths and system components click together. 200mm paver-length segments are moulded into the channel to allow for easy cutting to suit your project requirements, these can then be rejoined using converters.
  • Plumbing – channel is moulded with bottom outlets that connect to 75mm, 90mm or 100mm PVC pipes
  • Heel friendly & accessible – Designed for access and mobility, EasyDRAIN Edge can be converted into an accessible system using the heel friendly insert. Our system adheres to industry standards AS1428.
  • Maintenance – The system has been designed with an access pit, allowing the consumer to easily access and clean the drainage system. The access pit also acts as a collection point, reducing debris from entering waterways.


Is EasyDRAIN Edge suitable for my drainage needs?

EasyDRAIN Edge is recommended for low rainfall areas including patios, swimming pools, rooftops, balconies, cafes and other alfresco areas.

How much water will EasyDRAIN Edge handle?

EasyDRAIN Edge has been tested to handle a maximum of 149L per metre/per minute.
Test results are a guide only and are limited by the test environment. Drainage capacity will differ with every installation.

How wide is the drainage area in Edge?

The Drainage width is 20mm. We supply a heel friendly insert if 20mm is a safety concern. This insert is recommended for pedestrian activity


Warranty Documents

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EasyDRAIN Edge Brochure

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Installation Guide

For best results, follow our installation guide when installing EasyDRAIN Edge


Spec Pack

The EasyDRAIN Edge Spec Pack includes details about the 1m lengths and accessories