DuraDRAIN Commercial Drainage System

DuraDRAIN is a heavy-duty commercial and residential drainage solution, suitable for carparks, driveways and commercial areas. With Class B and Class D grates in the range, and two size channels to choose from, there is a drainage solution for any project. DuraDRAIN Channel and End Caps are produced using 100% recycled polymer and are manufactured in Australia by Everhard.

Everhard’s DuraDRAIN trench drain systems are built for driveways and parking lots which support areas of vehicle traffic – up to Class B and Class D making it a suitable surface drainage system for commercial car parks and unloading areas for heavy motor vehicles. 

The Everhard DuraDRAIN drainage system is manufactured using 100% recycled polymer for the channel with thick galvanised steel edges for reinforcement. The channel drain is lightweight, requiring only one person for installation. Pre-shaped outlets in the channel allow quick and easy connection to stormwater pipes. 

DuraDRAIN Commercial Drainage System - Products

150H Galvanised Grate and Channel


  • Sustainability – DuraDRAIN channel is made from 100% recycled polymer and manufactured in Australia. A UV stabiliser is added to the polymer increasing the lifespan of the product. Products can be recycled after use instead of going into landfill. DuraDRAIN also comes with minimal packaging.
  • Tested to Industry Standards – DuraDRAIN channel and grates have been tested to various industry standards including split resistance, access and mobility and load ratings. Check the spec packs and product pages for detailed information.
  • Plumbing – channel is moulded with bottom outlets that connect to 75mm, 90mm or 100mm PVC pipes
  • Wheel loads – DuraDRAIN is tested to Class B (Galvanised Steel) and Class D (Ductile Iron)


Can DuraDRAIN channel drain installation be a one person job?

DuraDRAIN class B grates can be installed by one person. However, the class D grate will require a two person lift thus being a two person job. 

Can you install a channel drain without using concrete?

No, you must encase your channel drain in concrete. Especially when larger drainage such as DuraDRAIN are used for commercial instances and for vehicles to drive over. If not encased in concrete, you can break the drainage, limit the effectiveness and/or cause serious injury.

What is the difference between Class B and Class D grated trench drain?

Class B refers to areas (including footways and light tractor paths) accessible only to vehicles (excluding commercial vehicles) or livestock (light duty). Class D refers to carriageways of roads and areas open to commercial vehicles. 

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