Residential & Commercial Drainage

Everhard’s extensive range of surface water drainage systems are designed for various residential & commercial outdoor drainage projects and made to withstand Australia’s harsh weather and environmental conditions

Surface water drainage is essentially the removal of excess water from the surface and into a drainage system in a controlled manner and as quickly and effectively as possible.

Poor drainage can lead to serious consequences if not addressed properly. When it comes to water management – prevention is everything. Installing Everhard’s drainage systems with the advice of a professional, will ensure water removal is efficient and effective, meaning complete safety for your home and the environment.

When do you need to install a surface water drainage system?

There are multiple reasons you may need to install a drainage system but essentially it is to prevent water collecting on the surface or to fix an area where water is currently collecting or bogging. Always look at where the water is coming from and where it is collecting and this will determine the correct place to install. Everhard recommends consulting a professional for drainage system suitability and optimal drainage placement.

Our surface water drainage systems are made from 100% recycled plastics and manufactured by us in Brisbane, QLD. We also offer a variety of additional drainage grate materials to suit your project. Using 100% recycled polymer with a UV stabilised additive expands the lifespan of the product, which can then be recycled after use, instead of going into landfill.

Choosing locally made and sustainable products for your home or your project means you can help reduce your environmental footprint and support Australian manufacturing. Everhard is committed to sustainable manufacturing and using sustainable materials. 

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Designed for any project

Our range of EasyDRAIN drainage systems are designed to suit any project. Common applications include residential driveways, swimming pools, patios, landscaped areas, walkways, outdoor entertaining areas and balconies. Read our guide to channel depth and grate selection here, choosing the materials that suit your environment is crucial to the success of your drainage project. 

An integrated, easy to install system

EasyDRAIN systems have been designed with click together technology ensuring the drainage system easily connects together with additional componentry if needed. The channel pieces can be cut down to size to suit the length of your trench. All systems can be connected to 75mm, 90mm or 100mm pipes. Once you have selected your drainage system, refer to the installation instructions for that system. 

Refer to our component dictionary for a quick guide on what pieces are available and their purpose. 

Sustainability & environmental impact

Our drainage systems are proudly manufactured by us in Brisbane and are produced using UV stabilised 100% recycled polymer. We then add a UV stabiliser to extend the life of the system which also reduces the need for replacements. At the end of the product life EasyDRAIN consumables can be recycled back into the economy instead of going into landfills. 

Using a holistic approach to the design, Everhard’s drainage systems address environmental impact, manufacturing considerations, installation considerations and visual impact to the intended environment. 

To find out more about our design and manufacturing processes and our commitment to sustainable manufacturing check out our resources.


How do I know which drainage is best suited for my project? 

We suggest it is best to look at how much water the area tends to receive, as well as considering the environment that is around it. Is it on a slope? Is it near a pool? Do you live near the ocean? All aspects need to be taken into consideration to ensure not only the grate is appropriate, but the channel too.

What are the different flow rates for the different grates?

Standard Polymer Grate – 417L/min/metres
Pressed Stainless Grate – 458L/min/metres
Pressed Galvanised Grate – 230L/min/metres
Heel Friendly Polymer Grate – 175L/min/metres
Galvanised Round Bar Grate – 737L/min/metres
Eurodesign 316 Grate – 737L/min/metres
Edge Grate – 149L/min/metres

This all depends on a range of different variables, but if we make a like-for-like comparison assuming a 1 in 200 site gradient and catchment area of 250m² 

What are the different waterflow and rainfall capacities?

DuraDRAIN – high
Standard Channel – medium to high
Compact Channel – medium to low
Edge Channel – medium to low