About Us

Established in 1926, Everhard Industries is a fourth-generation family-owned manufacturer and distributor of laundry, kitchen and bathroom products as well as commercial solutions for surface water drainage, stormwater drainage, wastewater systems and more.


From the beginning of our proud history in concrete laundry tubs, to our technically advanced wastewater dispersal & management systems, Everhard Industries has evolved into one of the largest suppliers of plumbing and drainage solutions in Australia.

Everhard is committed to producing quality products that ecologically capture, drain, filter and disperse water – hence our motto ‘Everything Water’ – as well as introducing civil products to our range, predominately used by local councils in the development of new infrastructure that ultimately benefits the community as a whole.


AQ Systems

Furthermore, the acquisition and technological improvement of our Aqua Nova Wastewater Management System, an environmentally friendly solution for recycling safe water back into the land, is helping many countries in improving water health by stopping sewerage entering natural waterways.

By identifying and, profitably and purposefully, meeting the needs of an ever-changing market, we constantly strive to stay relevant and innovative in our field of manufacturing and distribution for the plumbing and drainage industry. Throughout our history, we have always reinvested the vast majority of our profits in developing our business and our people, to grow and advance the company and our products.


Our Vision + Purpose

Everhard and the Davis-Boyce family have a proud legacy as a concrete and plastics manufacturer. We wish to continue to foster and grow the business for the benefit of current and future stakeholders, especially shareholders and staff.