Gross Pollutant Traps

PLO506 CDS Unit - the Nipper

The EVERHARD PL506 NIPPER uses patented CDS indirect non-blinding screen technology to capture and retain gross pollutants such as litter, grit, sediments and oily contamination from stormwater flowing through pipes from inlet collection points such as roadside inlets or field gully drains.

V Guard Gross Pollutant Traps

V GUARD™ Gross Pollutant Arrestor Pits help to improve and protect waterways and provide a sustainable environment by reducing the amount of urban gross pollutants from stormwater run off.

SQID® - Stormwater Quality Improvement Devices

The SQID® devices are a range of pit inserts which guard against pollutants and other debris being washed into our oceans via our ecologically fragile rivers and streams.

Trash Screens and Maximesh

Trash screens and baskets provide an efficient and cost-effective filter of water entering stormwater pits through the grate, retaining the collected trash while allowing unrestricted passage of water entering the stormwater drains.