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Rebated Inspection Chambers

Rebated Inspection Chambers

Everhard’s NEW Precast Concrete Rebated Stormwater Inspection Chambers are built to last. Now with a new rebated edge for stable connections between each section.

The product range includes a base section as well as chambers with four different depths (300mm, 600mm, 900mm & 1200mm) to achieve varied installation heights. All components are made from 40 MPa precast concrete with inbuilt swift lift mechanisms for safe, fast and easy installation. Everhard Industries also has a wide variety of roofslabs, grates and covers to complete the chamber.

Features include:

  • Rebated top and bottom rims to ensure positive locking
  • 1050mm internal diameter, 1200mm external diameter
  • Available in 300, 600, 900 and 1200mm heights for various applications
  • Can be installed to a depth of 3 metres
  • All components feature swift lifts for ease of installation
  • Manufactured to Australian Standard AS4198
  • Wide variety of covers and a rebated base to complete the installation
  • Australian made
Product Codes: 

13148 – Base for Inspection Chambers
13101 – Inspection Chamber – 300
13121 – Inspection Chamber – 600
13131 – Inspection Chamber – 900
13141 – Inspection Chamber – 1200