• Polymer Stormwater Pits, Grates and Accessories

    With Everhard’s range of polymer stormwater pits and accompanying grates, covers and stormwater management devices, installation has never been easier.

  • Commercial Grease Arrestors

    Everhard is a leading manufacturer in the field of waste water treatment and control, with many years experience in the production of a wide range of silt traps and grease arrestors. These proven designs are suitable for most applications in the domestic, commercial and industrial fields.

  • Gross Pollutant Traps

    Stormwater management systems act as the first line of defence against litter and sediment reaching our fragile waterways.

  • Technodrain Channel and Grate

    High Density Polyethylene channel that is light weight and easy to install in a range of sizes.

  • Meter Boxes

    Everhard offers a range of meter boxes designed specifically for underground housing of water meters, gas or water control valves, irrigation services and controls, stop cocks or any other service requiring underground connection and protection.

  • Pre-cast Concrete Items - Stormwater

  • Concrete Pits, GMS Grates/Grates & Frames and Accessories

    Everhard Concrete Pits are popular with designers and installation contractors because of their proven strength, reliable dimensional accuracy and the flexibility allowed by the multi-size connection knock-out ports provided in each wall.

  • RibStruct

    The lightweight drainage pipeline system with the strength of a heavyweight.