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What is Aqua-Nova

Aqua-nova is a division of Everhard Industries, an Australian owned company that has been operative for over 89 years. The popularity of the Aqua-nova system is based on our ability to provide a quality product that is supported at a national level. This is coupled with a nationwide coverage of qualified distributors to ensure our customers will always receive timely and reliable service.

In meeting the needs to provide improved wastewater quality, we have developed systems that cater to nutrient removal and membrane filtration. These technologies provide a higher standard of treated effluent for better environmental outcomes. Unfortunately, due to variations in state requirements and market demand, these systems are only available in Queensland and New South Wales.

Aqua-nova also manufactures commercial systems for industrial sites, schools, universities and caravan parks. Aqua-nova custom design these systems to suit each application’s specifications.

For more information, read below or download our brochure here.


The standard Aqua nova is a two tank system and, when installed, only the lid of the tank and control box are visible.Tanks may be either concrete and polymer tanks that are manufactured and certified to AS/NZS1546.1. Polymer systems are commonly used as they are easy to transport to locations that are unsuitable for concrete applications. These systems allow us to install systems in the most isolated locations, including almost inaccessible areas of Papua New Guinea and in some of the most remote islands in the South Pacific. Raw wastewater flows into the primary tank where most of the grease and oil are separated from the water. This water then flows through to the aeration tank where aerobic bacteria break down any residual organics. This water then flows through to a clarifier, then over chlorine tablets (when required) before being irrigated. Filtration systems can be incorporated to further lower BOD5, suspended solids and nutrients.

Aqua nova’s may be purchased from our distributors who are located across Australia. Our distributors will install the Aqua nova, and provide maintenance/servicing as required by State Authorities. All of our distributors are listed on our Where to Buy page.

All systems are provided with an Owner’s Manual. The Standard system manual is avaliable for download below.


We encourage all owners to read the manual so that they understand the system limitations and their duty of care. If you require the Owner’s Manual for another Aqua-nova® system, please contact us.

The Aqua nova has alarms that detect pump and blower failure. The system also provides an audio and visual mechanism to alert the owner that servicing is required.

All electrical  components, including controller, pump and blower, have a 2-year warranty.

The tank cases of the Aqua nova have a 15-year warranty.

State authorities require that all systems are serviced and maintained. This may include:

  • Replacing chlorine tablets (when required).
  • Evaluating sludge accumulation.
  • Cleaning control box.
  • Replacing filters in the blower.
  • Pumping out Clarifier and Pump Well
  • Checking alarm operation.
  • Cleaning filters.
  • Evaluating irrigation system

Large commercial systems may be designed/manufactured for specific applications and purposes. For more information on our Commercial Systems, please visit our Commercial Products page.

If you are interested in finding out more about water management and the Aqua-nova, these downloads may be useful. Click the title to access the PDF file.

AQUA-NOVA HOME OWNER MANUAL (Standard Systems only)

Why Aqua-nova® systems are the best

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