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See below for our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

A standard Aqua-nova® has two tanks. The first tank allows for the separation of solids and greases, while in the second tank the settled wastewater is aerated and clarified. When required, the clarified wastewater is disinfected before being pumped to the irrigation area.

The Aqua-nova® is proudly manufactured in Australia by an Australian Family Owned Company. No royalties are paid to overseas companies and all profits are retained in Australia.

Two tank systems provide a barrier between raw waste water and the treated effluent. This results in a safe, reliable system. The raw waste water and clean recycled water will never mix.

Aqua-nova® manufactures several different models that achieve different qualities of treated effluent. This provides our customers with a choice that allows our systems to be installed in most locations in Australia. The minimum water quality requirement will have a BOD5 and Suspended Solids of than less than 20mg/L and 30mg/L respectively. Disinfection, filtration and/or membrane systems can be fitted to provide water quality of less than 10mg/L BOD5, 10mg/L Suspended Solids and 10CFU/100ml E.Coli. Nutrient reduction systems are also available

We recommend that all Aqua-nova® systems are serviced by one of our local distributors. Our distributors are trained for servicing Aqua-nova® systems and will work efficiently to keep your wastewater treatment system in tip top condition.

As with all of your assets, your Aqua-nova® requires servicing and maintenance. A trained service professional will help to keep your system operating at its highest standard. Government regulators require the system to be serviced every 3-months.

Septic Tanks can often be upgraded to an aerated wastewater treatment plant by installing the Aqua-nova® aeration tank. This may only be performed after our distributor has inspected the tank to ensure that it is still suitable for purpose. To upgrade, please consult us or contact a local distributor.

Standard cleaning products usually cause no problem to the operation of an Aqua-nova®. As the system is biological, owners must use of bleaches and disinfectants sparingly. For a full list of recommendations, please download our Home Owner’s manual, or contact us.

Treated effluent can only be used to irrigate the area specified by planning documents.

When operating and maintained correctly, the noise that comes from an Aqua-nova® is barely noticeable.

Systems that are operated as per the Owner’s Manual and are appropriately maintained will not smell.

The system should not be turned off at any time. So long as the system is on, you can have extended periods of non-usage without causing any disruption to the system.

No. Lids cannot be hidden underground as they are used to provide safe access to the system during maintenance.

Simply contact us. We are happy to find a local distributor to get in contact with you to assist with any queries you have.

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