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Contract Moulding

Contract Moulding

At Everhard industries we can assist in bringing your ideas to life. We have been in the plastics injection moulding and roto-moulding industry for over 40 years, and in precast concrete for almost 90 years.

Using 3D CAD software and staff with years of experience, we can work with you to develop and transform your concept into a ready for manufacture commercial design.

Then using our various relationships developed over the years, we can assist in getting injection or roto-moulding tools quoted and manufactured. Concrete product tools are usually made in-house in our own workshops so the entire job is under our control.

Our plastics injection moulding manufacturing covers one of the widest ranges of final product sizes in Australia.  We have machines ranging from 90t through to 3200t with product weights ranging from grams to 96 kilograms.

We can mould in a variety of materials including; polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, and PET, as well as rotomould in polyethylene. Our concrete moulding factory utilises both steel reinforced and fibre reinforced manufacturing techniques. And all of it is done right here in Australia, so no waiting for containers stuck on slow boats or in wharf hold-ups when manufacturing is commenced.

We are also happy to manufacture products or components from your existing moulds or tooling be it concrete or polymer.

No matter what the size of the project, large or small, we are only too happy to have the opportunity to work together to solve your design or manufacture issue and work together to provide a profitable outcome for all of the parties concerned. To kick-start that concept that has been swimming around in your head, fill out the contact sheet below and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity and get that idea off the back burner and into production.

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