WALK4WATER with Everhard Industries 

~ Everhard has raised a total of $1234 ~

Everhard Industries is supporting efforts to help poor communities establish sustainable water supplies and toilets, close to home, and to promote safe hygiene practices through Water Aid’s WALK4WATER fundraiser.

Each Everhard team member will be walking 10,000 steps a day for five days leading up to Water Day on March 22—and we’re all looking for sponsors to support us.

Water Aid is an international charity with an active branch in Australia dedicated to providing clean water and functional toilets for villages in developing countries. Worldwide one in 10 people do not have access to clean safe water.

Water Aid chose 10,000 steps as the target because this is the average distance many people, especially women and girls, in developing countries walk each day to get water. The time taken to collect water daily seriously affects their ability to go to school or to earn a living. In isolated areas, women and girls collecting water are also targets for physical and sexual abuse.

For more information on Water Aid visit www.wateraid.org.au

To support one of the Everhard teams go to http://www.wateraidfundraising.org.au/everhard